Once the sample has been received by Discovery Seed Labs how long until I receive the results?

Timing for receiving your results varies from about 5 days to 30 days depending on the type of tests requested.  Be sure to send your samples in to allow for enough time to have the results returned so that you have time to use the information in your seeding decisions.


How do I obtain my results?

Once the results have been generated for your sample Discovery Seed Labs sends out a Report of Seed Analysis to the address on file.  The results can also be accessed by logging into the client log in page on the Discovery Seed Labs website.  You will need your log in ID and password.  If you do not have this information please contact us at admin@seedtesting.com or 306-249-4484.


What does the date issued mean on the Report of Seed Analysis?

The date issued refers to the date that the report of seed analysis was generated.


How much seed should I send for analysis.

If you are sending a pulse crop to Discovery Seed Labs for analysis we require 3 clean cups of seed or 750 grams.  If you are sending a cereal for analysis include 2 clean cups of seed or 500 grams.  For a sample that is related to the Canadian Seed Institute (CSI) please send 1 kg of seed.