From our DNA lab

Every person, animal, plant, and organism has DNA and biotechnology allows us to test DNA for a number of things. We can use DNA to determine predisposition to disease. A DNA test can be used to determine your ancestry.  The uses for a DNA test are increasing everyday and will continue to do so. At Discovery Seed Labs we are harnessing the power of DNA testing to provide our customers with molecular tools that will allow for quick and accurate determination of the detection of diseases in their samples, the presence of specific traits in their seeds, and the identification of the varieties for their crops.

In genetics, a molecular marker is a fragment of DNA that is associated with a certain location within the genome. Molecular markers are used in DNA tests to identify a particular sequence of DNA in a pool of unknown DNA.

The following are a list of DNA tests executed by Discovery Seed Labs:

Cereal Variety Verification

Cereal Sample Identification

Wheat Midge Resistance

Flax Triffid Test

Canola GMO Testing

Canola Blackleg Detection

Canola Clubroot Detection

Soybean LL27 and LL55 Genes

Lentil Clearfield Confirm