Cereal Variety Verification

The development of molecular techniques for genetic analysis has led to a great increase in the knowledge of cereal genetics and the understanding of the structure and behaviour of cereal genomes. These molecular techniques, in particular the use of molecular markers, have been used to monitor DNA sequence variation in and among the species. Improvement in marker detection systems and in the techniques used to identify markers linked to useful traits has enabled great advances to be made in recent years.

Characterization of germplasm by means of DNA fingerprinting techniques provides a tool for precise germplasm identification. DNA based molecular markers allow precise, objective, and rapid cultivar identification.  With the number of new similar or closely related wheat cultivars increasing yearly – rapid, unambiguous, and economic cultivar identification is essential for cultivar registration, certification, and breeder’s right protection. Fingerprinting with DNA-based molecular markers, allows precise, objective and rapid cultivar identification compared with field plot growth test and isozyme electrophoresis.

Cereal Variety Verification is to be used when you need to determine if your seed lot is pure and does not contain seed from other varieties. For testing purposes Discovery Seed Labs requires about 2 cups or 500 grams of seed.