Clubroot Analysis

Clubroot has now been found in over 1,000 canola fields in Alberta, and in several isolated fields in Saskatchewan and Manitoba since it was first discovered in 2003.  To determine the severity of Clubroot in Saskatchewan and Manitoba about 500 canola fields were surveyed with several hundreds of soil samples collected for PCR detection of low pathogen inoculum.  It is expanding its reach at a rate of 20 to 25 kilometers per year.  There were 4 fields from Saskatchewan and 250+ from Manitoba that showed positive in PCR testing for low pathogen inoculum presence in the soil.

A new Clubroot pathotype was discovered in 2013.  This new pathotype of Clubroot has overcome the resistance that was first bred into canola varieties that entered the market in 2009.

Discovery Seed Labs has worked with researchers from the University of Alberta to obtain molecular tools and Clubroot DNA positive controls.  Using these resources Discovery Seed Labs has developed an internal molecular assay that can detect low Clubroot pathogen presence in soil and leaf tissue.


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