Lentil Clearfield Confirm

The Clearfield Commitment for lentils is an agreement between a Clearfield lentil grower and BASF Canada. In addition to completing and signing a multi-year Clearfield Commitment, growers agree to Clearfield-confirm test all seed used in the Clearfield Production System for lentils — which will ensure the seed used has the Clearfield herbicide tolerances. Testing for the each growing season is done free of charge to the grower at Discovery Seed Labs.

Discovery Seed Labs is the only seed testing laboratory in the world that has the ability to test for the Clearfield Trait in lentils on a genetic level. Implementation of the Lentil Clearfield markers will allow for the analysis of the plant’s genotype, not phenotype, therefore eliminating environmental effects and challenges associated with scoring the results from the bio–assay.

One of the biggest challenges associated with the bio-assay Lentil Clearfiled Confirm Test is when the seed has been sprayed with a pre-harvest application of glyphosate. If the crop has been sprayed too early allowing for the glyphosate to be translocated inside the seed a non-soil germination test will not inactivate the glyphosate and this exposure of the glyphosate chemical to the germinating lentil seeds will cause abnormal, inhibited root development. Because the bio-assay can only be done on blotters containing Imidazolinone (without soil), it can sometimes be a judgment call when malformed roots are witnessed as to whether the resultant phenotype is caused by the presence of glyphosate, either on the inside or on the outside of the seed, or the Imidazolinone chemical on a non tolerant seed. If the wrong judgment call is made with the bio-assay it will result in a false negative phenotype being assigned to the sample. The molecular markers developed by Discovery Seed Labs eliminates the challenges of the bio-assay providing the grower the genetic Clearfield herbicide tolerance screening of their lentil seed.


Clearfield Lentil Seed Quality Offer

Get one bonus pre-seed quality and disease test package free of charge (complements of BASF) just for submitting any one Clearfield lentil seed variety for Clearfield-Confirm testing. Your lentils will be tested for germination, vigour, diseases, and kernel weight – all key to planning your season ahead. To sign up for the offer fill out the form on the link below.

Clearfield Lentil Seed Quality Offer