At Discovery Seed Labs Ltd. our goal is to provide growers with unparalleled seed testing services every step of the way.


Our Roots

Discovery Seed Labs Ltd. was founded as an independent commercial laboratory to service the scientific and technical needs of the Seed Industry, both domestically and globally. We feel that we have put together a combination of facilities and people that are second to none in the industry.

The staff at Discovery Seed Labs possess an unbeatable combination of industry experience and academic backgrounds in the areas of Agriculture, Seed Analysis, Pathology, and Molecular Genetics. Before joining Discovery Seed Labs all of our seed analysts were trained by Agriculture Canada in their quality assurance laboratories. We are also the only accredited seed lab in Western Canada that has a fully qualified plant pathologist on staff.

As a result of our varied and combined backgrounds, the results we produce are accurate and repeatable, while still providing a quick turnaround time few in the industry can match.

We take pride in the fact that we are an independent, wholly owned Saskatchewan company. As an independent seed-testing laboratory, we have no ties or obligations to any other business or seed company. We do not sell seed, nor do we promote one company’s seed over another. Our only commitment is to you the customer.


Business Policies

All client information is held in the strictest of confidence. Results will only be given to others if specified by our clients.



Canadian Seed Institute Accredited.
Canadian Food Inspection Agency Accreditation #1144, for purity and germination of all crop kinds in grade tables 1-11 (excepting orchard grass), 13, & 16-20.

As staff and company, we hold memberships in the following professional associations: The Commercial Seed Analysts Association of Canada, The International Society of Seed Technologists and the Canadian Phytopathological Association.