Recognition Of Export Grain Analysis By Authorized Laboratories Program

Discovery Seed Labs is authorized by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to test grain commodity samples according to the Recognition Of Export Grain Analysis By Authorized Laboratories (REGAL) Program.

The REGAL report of analysis will support phytosanitary certification decisions for CFIA in regards of exporting grain to China, India, Mexico, and Vietnam . The three testing methods are:

  • determination of the presence of weed seeds regulated by destination countries,
  • determination by weight of the percentage of soil in the seed sample, and,
  • detection of live insects.

REGAL Lab Submission Form PDF. When submitting a sample please complete the submission form. A minimum of 1kg sample must be submitted.

The cost of the analysis is $85 (GST included) for each testing method that is requested. If seed or soil samples need to be imported into Canada for testing at Discovery Seed Labs, please contact us at 306-249-4484 or Once we have the information required, Discovery Seed Labs works with the CFIA to submit applications required for obtaining the paperwork to receive the necessary permits to allow for the sample to enter Canada and be analysed in our facilities.

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Canadian Seed Institute Accredited.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency Accreditation #1144, for purity and germination
of all crop kinds in grade tables 1-11 (except orchardgrass), 13, & 16-20.

As staff and company, we hold memberships in the following professional associations: The Commercial Seed Analysts
Association of Canada, The International Society of Seed Technologists and the Canadian Phytopathological Association.