"One complete set of tests to give you all of the information needed about your seed to get your crop off to a great start"

The ideal testing to get performed each season is a package test on each bin of seed done in the fall. If your results come back favourable it is always a good investment to follow up with at least a germ test in the spring to insure that nothing has gone wrong over the winter months.


When preparing a seed sample for testing make certain the sample is representative of the entire seed lot. Improper sampling is the greatest source of error in seed testing. To collect a representative sample it may be necessary to gather more seed than needed for a given test. After collecting the seed thoroughly mix it in the collection container. Hand sample or use a probe so that all areas of the seed lot are represented. If the seed is in a bin, sample it from the top, center, sides, and bottom. Don’t take your seed sample from beside the bin door. It might be more appropriate to collect subsamples as the seed is being transferred from a truck or bin. Please submit 2 cups or 500 grams of seed in a well labeled and sealed container to Discovery Seed Labs.

R&DDiscovery Seed Labs assists many companies and individuals with performing scientific based experiments. Do you have something that you would like us to research for you? Please give us a call.

Other TestsWe do hundreds of other tests. If you are not seeing a test that you are wanting to get ran on your seed sample please contact us at Discovery Seed Labs to determine how we can help.