Types of Tests

Testing for Traits

Clearfield Herbicide Tolerance

Liberty Herbicide (Glufosinate) Tolerance

Round up Ready Herbicide (Glyphosate) Tolerance


Testing specific to crop type





Below is a brief summary of the test that we do for growers. Click to the Testing For Disease for a list of what disease test we offer or click here to get a price on the Testing Costs page.

A test that determines the plant producing potential of a seed sample under ideal conditions. Results are reported on a percentage basis.

An analysis that determines the number or percentage by weight of contaminants (weeds or other crop types) in a seed sample. This test does not determine crop variety.

% Pure Seed
An analysis that determines the percentage by weight of actual seed compared to other crop seeds, weeds or inert matter. This test does not identify the weed seeds present. The pure seed test is a required test for all grasses. This test is also a required test for all exports under ISTA and AOSA rules.

A test that examines the plant producing potential of a seed sample under stress conditions. This test, while useful in planning your seeding operations, should not be used in place of a germination test.

1000 Kernel Weight
A test to determine the weight of 1000 kernels of the sample. This test provides useful information especially for peas and lentils in determining the amount of seed to plant on a per acre basis. Click here to use our interactive 1000 Kernel Weight calculator right online.

Special Purity
a test for uncleaned canola and mustard where we will check for and count the cleavers, wild mustard, and other brassica crops. Other weed and crop seeds will be listed, but not counted.

Treated Seed Purity
A seed wash and separation of treated canola seed for the purpose of doing a purity test on it.

Seed Treatment
We will treat your seed sample with the seed treatment of your choice in an attempt to improve poor germination due to disease pressure.

Tetrazoleum Test
A one-day test to examine the plant producing potential of a seed sample (not for official germination).

Green Foxtail
Resistance checked against Group 3 herbicides.

Resistance checked against Group 2 herbicides.

Malting Barley Germ
A test to determine the potential of a lot of barley to make malt (a minimum of 95% is expected by the maltsters). This test is very different than that of a seed germination and cannot be interchanged.

Herbicide Tolerance
A test to determine if a plant will be susceptible to a certain herbicide.

Soil Tests
Used when testing a germination of a cereal crop that has been sprayed with a pre-harvest application of glyphosate.

Also Available:
Chlorophyll – Extraction method.
Falling Number
Erucic Acid
Moisture – Extraction method by oven
Oil Content – Extraction method.
Protein – Kjeldahl method.